Evaluating the Performance of Information Technology Strategic Planning Through Itsp Alignment Model

Topics: Strategic management, Strategic planning, Management Pages: 8 (2142 words) Published: October 13, 2010
Evaluating the performance of Information Technology Strategic Planning through ITSP Alignment model

Mohammed A. H. Altemimi, M. S. Zakaria and Y. Yahya

Abstract. Most of organizations endeavor to employing IT as tool for a competitive and supporting the capability of IT to accomplishment the objective of organization as well as enhance the alignment between IT and business strategy. The research question in this paper; is how to evaluate ITSP performance from manager’s perspective. The suggested model leads to the development a successful IT strategic plan performance, enabling planning with business strategy and allowing technology to provide for competitive advantage. They are often need to find a reliable ways to ensure that the business benefits from ITSP plan are released and provide a high level of competitive. This research aims to increase the corporate performance toward efficiency, effectiveness and competitiveness in facing the uncertainty and mobility of the business environment to support the strategy planning decision. Keywords: ITSP, IT component, Alignment Business and IT strategy, Business Strategy, Competitive Performance, ITSP Alignment model, cause-and effect relationship. 1. Introduction

Most organizations endeavour to employing IT as a tool for competitive advantage as well as accomplishing the organizational objectives. To achieve the former, IT has been leverage to improve service and lower the cost of conducting business. Organizations also began to realize that business and IT are not two different worlds but IT is actually a business resource, just like any others that organization must leverage to meet its objectives. It is, therefore, vital for them to align their IT component with their business strategies, not the other way round. The alignment can play a significant role in determining success for the organizations. Alignment of IT and business strategies, here, refers to the process of gaining the value to the organization and thus increasing competitive advantage [1]. Developing organizational Information Technology Strategic Planning (ITSP) the right way is crucial. The ITSP need tremendous effort, time and budgets in order to attain the objective of the organization. The capability of organizations to improve the performance and enhance the competitive over the years in business environment is the realm of IT [2]. Therefore, ITSP must be developed along the line of this alignment. Market has never been competitive than today. Nowadays, the ITSP become the critical issue to the organization and play major role for competitive advantage and fulfil the performance [3]. This research aims to increase the corporate performance toward efficiency, effectiveness and competitiveness in facing the uncertainty and mobility of the business environment to support the strategy planning decision.

1 Corresponding author. Tel.: + (6 0142350546); E-mail address: (mohd.altemimi@yahoo.com).

2. Background

2.1 Information Technology Strategic Planning
ITSP was defined as planning IT management aspects in all forms of information system, technology and networking and communications which include the manual and computerized systems throughout business. Therefore, the ITSP define how the IT activities are planned [4]. It defines and applies how technology can support the business mission, goals and strategies required, i.e. the objective of the business. It is the guideline that supports the vision of the organizations towards the future [5]. ITSP model involve three processes: assessment, strategy development and plan execution [6]. The plan execution process involves placing plan into action and carrying project evaluation. In this study, the ITSP will be perceived as a coherent form of IT infrastructure and the process of strategic alignment for corporate throughout the business to accomplish business goals. We will strategized the development and assessed ITSP...
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