Evaluating the Differences Between Cats and Dogs

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Evaluating the Differences Between Cats and Dogs
Crystal Tomaino
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Katherine Ness

Evaluating the Differences Between Cats and Dogs
For centuries, people of all ages, backgrounds, religions, races, genders, and social statuses have found the concept of having a pet appealing. Some might flock to easy-to-maintain pets, while others tend to find more unique and high-maintenance pets appealing. Many factors are taken into consideration when choosing a pet, including the cost of keeping the animal, how much energy the pet demands, and how much affection is given or required for the pet. In our society, however, the vast majority of people who own pets fall into two common categories: cat lovers and dog lovers.

In general, there are several different areas where cost becomes a factor: food, toys, grooming, etc. Cats usually require few toys, having the ability to make a toy out of a simple shoelace or feather. Additionally, cats tend to sleep the majority of the day, and therefore do not need many toys to keep them occupied when they are awake. Cats also are very dainty eaters, and, having a generally small frame, do not consume much food each day. These low-maintenance animals, no matter how long their fur might be, also have the benefit of being self-cleaning. They maintain their own fur, and rarely, if ever, need to be groomed or bathed.

Dogs vary greatly in size, fur, and energy. However, it would be difficult to find a breed of dog that does not have tremendous amounts of energy. Because of their constant desire to chew, they require much more playtime, resulting in more toys of different types: squeaky toys, tug toys, chew toys, treat toys, etc. Dogs are also ravenous creatures, which will often eat as much as they can as long as they are provided with food. Even smaller dogs will often eat almost their body weight in food if given the opportunity. An owner may also choose to use treats as a training method for...
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