Evaluating Minaret of Jam

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Evaluating Minaret of Jam

By | November 2012
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The Minaret of Jam

A World Heritage Site is a place that is listed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Sites need to be of special cultural or physical significance and are protected and preserved so people from all around the world can appreciate them. This article will evaluate if Minaret of Jam fulfills the two criteria. Firstly, does it represent a master piece of human creative genius? Secondly, does it encourage Education and research?

A master piece of human creative genius means, it should be unique by its engineering and design, extremely beautiful, furthermore it should has a historical significants. Minaret of Jam is an example of unique engineering master piece for a lot of reasons, such as, it made of mud and its solid, to build something that is 65meter high and still standing for hundreds of years is alone an example of how well engineered it is. Anyone can build a Minaret, but to build a Minaret that is made of basic materials and equipment's, such as, mud bricks, and to last for hundreds of years through erosion, wars, and earthquakes, is impossible to build, it's once in a life time.

A world heritage site should encourage Education and research to reveal it secrets. Minaret of Jam was built in 1190's, and it has witness's a lot of wars and events, for example, the invasion of the Mongols in the 13th, so it has a lot of historical memory, unfortunately, there has not been any researches about the Minaret of Jam and its history. Minaret of Jam listed on the endangered list of UNESCO. Which mean there is no Education near The Minaret of Jam because it's dangerous to get close to. Let's hope that Education will improve.

In conclusion, Minaret of Jam is a world heritage site. And it deserves this title. It is a famous historical site, with such a beauty, and a high-class engineering. Unfortunately, it is on the list of endangered world heritage site, people hope that it removes from the...

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