Evaluating Media for Credibility

Topics: John McCain, 2008 Republican National Convention, Republican Party Pages: 1 (397 words) Published: September 30, 2012
On Wednesday August 29, 2012 I tuned in to CNN around 9pm to watch the 2012 Republican National Convention. The convention lasted approximately four hours with various republicans “endorsing” Mitt Romney as the best man to be the next president. It was expected that the coverage be filled with interviews and speeches from republican’s all voicing their dislike of the democratic party or more sort of broadcastings is the fact that we only hear from one party. Meaning everything that we heard was for the most part bias being that there was no supporting evidence and we were only hearing from one side. I personally prefer debates where one party is attacked or accused of something and the other party immediately gets a chance to respond and defend oneself. Overall CNN is a credible source that usually provides unbiased news coverage. The RNC was of course dedicated to the Republicans so they were the highlight however at the end of it we got to hear sort of a review of what went on and hear from supporters of both the democratic and Republican Party about their feelings and opinions on what went on. On the same day I also tuned into MSNBC at different times throughout the day both afternoon and night. Being that I usually choose to watch CNN as opposed MSNBC, for the purpose of this assignment I decided to give them both equal viewing time. It’s been rumored that MSNBC is a full supporter of the Democratic Party and this was made clear to me while flipping between channels. I noticed that whenever there was a minority speaker speaking on CNN, for example former Democratic Rep. Arthur Davis or the GOP nominee Ted Cruz, MSNBC just happened to be taking an extended commercial break. This confirmed to me that MSNBC has an agenda to portray Republicans as not liking blacks and minorities which was further helped by them not showing them on their broadcast. Between the programs CNN and MSNBC although both were interesting to watch I would have to say that CNN was the...
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