Evaluating Learning Programs

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Evaluating Learning Programmes

Learning outcomes
On completion of this unit a learner should:

1 understand the principles of evaluating learning programmes 2 understand and use appropriate evaluation methods
3 understand how to collect and analyse data for the purpose of evaluating learning programmes 4 understand how evaluation results can be used to improve learning programmes 5 understand how to evaluate the effectiveness of own practice.

1. Understand the principles of evaluating learning programmes.

1.1 Identify and analyse the principles of evaluating learning 1.2 Discuss how the principles can be applied to learning programmes.

Evaluation of teaching and learning is a very current discussion point and is increasingly being more and focused on by Ofsted. Currently, there is much discussion and interest in teacher evaluation with a consensus that the way teachers are currently evaluated needs to change. There are many problems with the current system of evaluating teachers and teaching and the various methods are inconsistent. How can we be sure that singular and fleeting observations provide accurate portrayals of a teacher’s skills and abilities?

Teachers are concerned about not receiving helpful feedback because in many cases administrators receive very little training on how to conduct effective evaluations. It is why teachers want a system that provides meaningful feedback, improves their practice, allows them to grow in the profession and ultimately enhances learner learning.

It is imperative to assess and evaluate what we value in education – not simply what is easy to measure. A good evaluation system must reflect the complexity of teaching and learning and focus on teaching practices that best support learner learning. Teachers are certainly important to the success of their learners, but learner learning is not influenced by just one teacher. There are many factors within and outside of the learning environment walls that impact learner learning. Learners learn at different paces and have different needs and learning environments.

Adequate resources, learning environment climate, safety, and time are significant to a learner’s learning. Learning environments also have unique cultural routines and learning environments that shape teaching and learners’ learning opportunities in the classroom. What is best for learners is providing them with opportunities to learn that are tied to high standards, rigorous curricula, and effective teaching strategies. All of these factors need to be considered in developing a useful and fair teacher evaluation system.

Purposes of Evaluation

It is widely viewed that the purpose of an effective teacher development and evaluation system is to inform, instruct, and improve teaching and learning; to provide educators with meaningful feedback on areas of strength and where improvement is needed; and to ensure fair and valid employment decisions. An effective evaluation system must include both formative and summative methods that must be integrated with quality professional development and the necessary resources and support for teachers to improve their practice and enhance learner learning.

Applying evaluation

In my current role we look after the measuring of success of our induction process in meeting learner’s needs, checking programme meets learners’ needs after an initial period within their role via a 3 and 6 month review and regular observations.

We also evaluate our resources and work tools regularly checking resources are fit for purpose, planning for new programmes, subsequent programmes; review handbook/assessment design and aim to share ownership throughout the learning process.

The whole team and employers and learners all contribute to our annual self assessment and ongoing quality improvement plan.

2. Understand and use appropriate evaluation methods.

2.1 Identify and develop an appropriate framework for the...
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