Evaluating Evidence and Global Climate Change

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  • Published : March 5, 2012
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While Weather is ever changing in response to natural variations like the sun, but there is a lot of evidence to show that the change in climate is global and is seriously dangerous. Because climate change has been, and is still is being; extensively researched. As the climate gets warmer, the more extreme the weather will be and 97.4% agree that human activity is a significant factor in changing global temperatures. I am exploring the reviews and research of many people who have thought towards global climate change. What they feel is affecting it: Humans, natural, greenhouses, and the sun. I am reviewing more sites each day looking for credible and debatable research. One that I have been reading is NASA’s findings. This will be; described, later on in my paper. Peter Doran along with Maggie Kendall Zimmerman at Earth and Environmental Sciences; took a poll of 3,146 Earth scientists 96.2% agree the temperatures have risen since the pre 1800’s. Out of the 3,146, 97.4% agree that humans have had a great roll in that change. There has already been some change to help reduce the global changes, such as; continued efforts in recycling, finding natural power sources like wind and solar. Reducing pollution, my hopes reducing the use of fossil fuels like oil. There are scientists that I have read that believe the sun is playing a major part as the earths gravitational pulls towards it. There are many other explanations as of why we are having such rapids changes in our temperatures through out the past few years especially. Reading in Chapter 3 The theory of knowledge, I have also came across in my research so far there are skeptics and people who doubt it is humans or the sun and vice versus.

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