Evaluating Eligibility Rules

Topics: Hurricane Katrina, Non-profit organization, Fundraising Pages: 3 (873 words) Published: January 5, 2012
Evaluating Eligibility Rules
Renee Ertel
December Sunday 4, 2011
Catina Erwin

Evaluating Eligibility Rules
The Red Cross organization is a non-profit organization with the goals to provide assistance to others in need at a time of natural disaster or deprivation. The Red Cross organization provides individuals or families with emergency assistance when a natural disaster strikes, such as a fire, tornado, flood, or hurricane. The Red Cross organization also has programs, which works with the homeless, less fortunate, and the military. The Red Cross organization provides programs which are educational, safety, and health related. The Red Cross organization has a set of eligibility rules, which helps to determine if the individual or family qualifies for the certain assistance through one of the many programs offered through the Red Cross organization. The eligibility rules helps to determine how much assistance is needed and can be received by the individual or family applying. Many organizations have many different eligibility rules. Some of the eligibility requirements are the prior contributions, private contracts, administration directions, administrative ruling, professional discretion, judicial decision, means testing, and an attachment to the workforce. Compared to many other organizations the Red Cross organization only has a few eligibility rules in place. The eligibility rules for the Red Cross, includes the prior contribution and the means testing. The prior contributions and means testing eligibility rules apply and are used by the Red Cross organization. Through donations the Red Cross organization receives from individuals and other organizations in the community, the Red Cross organization is able to provide services to those in need, The contributions received helps the Red Cross organization to provide assistance to someone who has suffered the consequences of a sudden natural disaster. The Red Cross organization is able through...
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