Evaluating Communication Strategies

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Paralanguage Pages: 1 (284 words) Published: January 21, 2011
The best communication approach for children and women is to use active listening for problems or issues both present and or ones that may arise in the near future. The best communication approach for the elderly is to assess and clarify the source of their stress, observe the level of the situation and provide resources to resolve the problem. The best communication approach for the homeless would be to assess the direct need for shelter and nutritious meals, medical treatment if applicable, and individual or group counseling.

I would need to learn how to build a good interpersonal relationship and rapport with each client. In addition, I would need to know about the cultural backgrounds of each client to communicate effectively with him or her. Gain knowledge in several cultures, study differences and similarities of different groups, and understand personal values and morals.

The techniques I believe would be the best approach to take when communicating with each of these clients is to observe, provide feedback, and to use appropriate judgment in timing when providing information. Therefore, the client can understand and accept the information clearly.

I may have to adapt my communication approach from one individual to the next by knowing the needs of client. For example, children who may need assistance with obtaining an education, my approach would to communicate with the parent or guardian and the child to receive a better understanding of his or her future educational goals. Communication approach will need to be adapted when working with individuals who have limited social, verbal and nonverbal communication skills. To obtain the goal of well-being for the individual I would ensure that client could perceive information and help effectively.
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