Evaluating Business Communication

Topics: Report, Chief executive officer, Executive officer Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: February 15, 2011
The paper below breaks down a student perception of four communiqués. This perception describes whether these reports are accurate, in the correct format, and were ethical. This paper describes the form of leadership and the accuracy of the reports in this type of leadership.

Evaluating Business Communication

When writing a business communiqué a person must consider several variables. The audience, purpose, and leadership type of the company must be considered when reporting on a decision. This student was asked to review four communiqués and decide if these reports were accurate, and correct in the reporting styles used. Below is the breakdown of this student opinion on the reports. This student reviewed four communiqués consisting of an e-mail, formal report, letter, and a memo. All four of these reports conveyed that the acquisition in question should not proceed. The reason for not continuing was stated clearly in all the reports, and the correct format of formal or informal was used in each. This student believes that the formal report to the company Chief Executive Officer was the correct format, but the e-mail, letter, and memo could have been interchangeable for sending this information to the accounting peers, marketing manager, or sales manager. Since these reports were written by the accounting manager and staff accountant, this made each of these employees equal in position to the people they were corresponding with, therefore the informal report was correct. There could be several ways to improve the reports; one of which is to include the numbers of the sales and operating expenses that are mentioned, and the other would be to explain the phantom inventory that the staff accountant believes is being reported. Why she thinks this is phantom inventory would be important to add. It would seem to this student that there are statements of profits and losses, but not any information to backup this information that would be needed...
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