Evaluating an Online Relationship

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What have you learned about your relationship throughout the semester? What questions still remain? What other topics do you think would have been helpful in order to further analyze your relationship? Do you believe your relationship is healthy/worth maintaining? What future would you like to see for the two of you? etc. (Include any other information you feel is important.) Overall, I learned a lot during this course about my friendship and relationship in general. I had never picked out a few traits and just little things about our friendship until I had to actually get into the thought with the reading and try to relate it to myself to understand it better. It showed me the reasons we started being friends, and more so why we haven’t killed each other yet after all this time! I Learned that us meeting on a game with so many mutual ideals, goals, and characteristics fulfilled 5 basic guidelines to a perfect friendship. The fact that we both love gaming, are big anime fanboys, and are both really competitive at everything we do made our friendship written in stone. We have been pretty much inseparable since the day we met just because we're always thinking the same thing.

Beyond gaming, it is really no different. We text all the time. We always are here if someone is having a bad day or just needs someone to talk to or someone to listen. After knowing each other for almost 2 years we know each other almost as well as ourselves. There is a few things about my “blind self” I have learned from being with him so much and it has overall bettered the both of us in that way. We find out things we didn’t know about both ourselves and each other every day. It is really great when you have someone so reliable in your life like that where you can both grow as a person as your friendship grows. Honestly, I wouldn’t give up our friendship for anything. I can’t imagine starting all these new games all alone (or at least more alone without them) and actually being able to...
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