Evaluate a Significant Experience, Achievement, Risk You Have Taken, or Ethical Dilemma You Have Faced and Its Impact on You.

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  • Published : December 23, 2012
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2011, winter was to arrive soon. I had always been excited about the arrival of winter breaks, planning trips ahead of vacation and thinking about the extended morning hour sleep in those warm and cozy blankets made me long more for it. But this year the reason for my anticipation of winter break was different. I got accepted to intern at “Youth Vision.”; An NGO working for the rights of HIV victims. As a high school student I did not know what to expect of my internship. My friends had planned on interning at banks and hospitals. This had made me speculate on whether I made a right decision or not. Finally, the day for my internship arrived. On entering through the gates with some alien faces staring blankly at me from the balcony, I could feel the anxiety increasing. I tried to disguise my nervousness through short and firm introduction. I was asked to present my knowledge on the disease. As the course already integrated in my biology syllabus I confidently presented what I had studied about the topic. Then my supervisor proposed either to just work with the statistics or to do a field research. Although not much of an extrovert, choosing the latter I wanted to approach new opportunities of reaching out to people. The next few days, I visited hospitals and doctors with my supervisor, studied about the procedures involved in identification of victims, became involved with the victims at a personal level and kept track of their drug administration and health condition. With theirs as well as mine comfort level increasing I went to their counseling sessions with their families. Their will to live and fight against the disease despite their deteriorating health; their hope of reuniting with their family and rehabilitating back encouraged and inspired me to be more open minded and work for their rights. And during my course of work, I was happy to see one of the victims being rehabilitated back to his family. Although the internship lasted only for a month, the...
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