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  • Published : June 27, 2011
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Evaluate Your Audience
Presented by Rose Mary Jayme Enriquez

* It is an individual or group who receives a designed message. * It is referred to a mass of people or to just one person. * It is often used to describe an interaction with an individual who has authority.

Does the Size of the Audience Matter?

Estimate how many people will receive the information, and design your message accordingly.

What are the Types of Audiences?

Business audience
* Internal business audience
* People employed by the same company as you are
* External business audience
* Composed of customers or clients and those who work in other organizations similar to yours

Public audience
* People in the environment or community with whom you communicate.

Intimate audience
* Consists of people with whom you share a close relationship, such as family, friends, and significant others

What do I need to know about my audience?

Demographics are the characteristics of a population like average age, gender, culture, ethnicity, politics, education level, occupation, etc. * You can tailor your message by gathering as much general information as you can about your audience.

What’s Known and What’s New

Known information
* Suggest new methods of using the information or present the topic in a new or entertaining way to avoid boredom to those who are already familiar with the topic.

Blend of known and new information
* It is important to discover what the audience needs to know about the topic or how new aspects of what they know can benefit them.

New information
* Make the design easier to grasp by including examples to which the audience can relate or visuals that will help them understand.

What’s Real and What’s Right

Background information about their cultural, political, religious, occupational, or group affiliations can provide clues to their beliefs and values.

What is the Audience...
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