Evaluate Thomas Jefferson Presidency

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  • Published : November 15, 2012
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The election of 1800 was a tight race and a tie broken by the House of Representatives, led to the election of Thomas Jefferson as the third president of the United States. Thomas Jefferson was in office as president for two terms, serving from 1801-1809. As a whole, Thomas Jefferson had a very positive presidency even though there were a few setbacks throughout. There were many significant events that happened during these eight years and the most well known would be: the Louisiana Purchase, the undeclared Barbary War, and the trade acts imposed due to problems with France and Britain . All great things must come to an end and Jefferson was succeeded by John Adams. America is a superpower and Thomas Jefferson was a great impact to all that as been accomplished as a nation. The Louisiana Purchase of 1803, was the greatest accomplishment of Jefferson in his presidency. The French under Napoleon had a great deal of economic problems already and maintaining the land in the west was a lot to handle so they sold it to the United States. In addition, France was fighting Britain and they needed more money and they wanted to only sell New Orleans at first, but ended up selling the whole territory (Henretta). At the time they sold this territory for 15 million dollars which ended up being about two cents an acre(Holmes). This purchase was very positive because this territory doubled the United States territory and this was great for them in order with westward expansion and exploration of the west. This expansion led to Lewis and Clark to explore the new lands. They were sent to experience the plants, animals, geography, and to learn how this region could be exploited economically. Without Jefferson in power, this expedition that they set out on may not have been accomplished and the United States may have not been so advanced at this time. At the time of the purchase, buying it was deemed unconstitutional but Thomas Jefferson went through with it anyway. The...
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