Evaluate the Way Language & Perception Helps or Hinders Knowledge Acquisition in Biology

Topics: Endoplasmic reticulum, Understanding, Organism Pages: 3 (950 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Evaluate the way language & perception helps or hinders knowledge acquisition in biology
In this area of knowledge – biology – language is an important tool that helps us understand the concepts of biological processes. As there are many terminologies in biology; language is the only tool that can translate the terminology into terms that are comprehensible in our language. Language also allows each of us to communicate with each other. Perception is also an important way of knowing since we judge which statements are real and those that are false by using our past experiences. These two ways of knowing play significant roles in our daily lives, but there are also some arguments on how these ways are not always showing the truths.

Language plays a vital role in biology since there are some terminologies that came from Latin words (e.g. Homologus); these terms can be break down into a statement to describe what the word means or what process that word is representing. We also use language to communicate with each other in discussion which means each one of us will be sharing our own opinion; this will consequently give us a wider range of knowledge than we already have. Nonetheless, there is an argument on this claim that some statements from other people may have not been exactly true or the words from someone else might mean something different to other people (ambiguous words) which might cause misunderstanding. Since a psychological experiment was conducted on how memory become less accurate after a period of time can alter the information we once were given. If that altered information is passed down through generations, there will be even more misunderstanding and therefore, will not help us to gain any truth of biological process.

Just as language helps us to understand detailed and explanation of the logic behind biology, perception also plays a significant role to help us to gain knowledge in biology. For almost every topic in biology, there...
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