Evaluate the Performance Between Tcp and Cbr Using Aodv Routing Protocol

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Chapter 1

1.1 Introduction:

A Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs) stand for a structure of wireless mobile hosts that can dynamically and liberally self organize in to temporary and uninformed network topologies, allocating devices and people to faultlessly communicate without any kinds of pre-existing design of communication structure. The appliances of these networks are extremely necessary in areas like lecture theatres, conference halls, battlefields emergency rescue services, battlefields and other places whenever it’s become very difficult to employment the network infrastructures. In a Mobile Ad Hoc Network the network may experience unpredictable and rapid topology changes because of arbitrarily node movement. Routing paths in Mobile Ad hoc Network possibly have multiple hops, and each node in Mobile Ad hoc Network has the responsibility to perform like a router [1]. So each node in the Ad hoc networking is responsible for forwarding data packets to other nodes [2]. Routing in Mobile Ad hoc Network has been a tough job ever while the wireless mobile networks came into reality because of frequently change in network. Development of dynamic routing protocols is a huge challenge in the design of Ad hoc networks which can proficiently find routes among. These protocols are classified into hybrid, pro-active and reactive routing protocols [3] and the identification of the most appropriate routing protocol to be used depends on various facts which are scalability, traffic and mobility models and quality of service.

The CBR (Constant Bit Rate) and TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) are mobility and traffic models. These models perform a significant role in calculating the performance of routing protocols. The scope of this paper is to compare and evaluate the performance of TCP against CBR traffic models using AODV routing protocol.

Problem statement
Multimedia applications typically have an advanced bandwidth necessity as contrast to the common applications of internet such as file transferring [4]. Responding multimedia streaming against mobile ad hoc network (MANET) presents a quantity of realistic challenges. Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) [5] is the most protocol for transport which is not appropriate for function like streaming in MANET. The main reason behind this fact is transport control protocol translate a missing data packet as an symbol of network congestion that is not constantly exact for mobile ad hoc networks. Data packet failure might be take places due to mobile ad hoc network specific characteristics such as node channel bit errors, node mobility, route failures and medium contention. Data packets failure rate are higher in mobile ad hoc network compared to wired network because of these particular characteristics. The transport control protocol respond to these mobile ad hoc network losses in the similar style as it would response to data packet failure causes to congestion, since it has been planned to response to failures in simply that way. Furthermore, based on any congestion occurrence, transport control protocol response predictably and divide the transmission rate. Such a extreme vary in transmission rate might depreciate the performance of these applications of streaming. So consistently applying congestion manages mechanism for every loss will guide to improper performance deprivation.

Function like multimedia streaming is frequently transported using real time traffic model named constant bit rate (CBR) [6], [7]. But constant bit rate has the difficulty that it does not include any congestion manage mechanism. If constant bit rate is used for multimedia functionalities, these indifferent flows will participate illegally with other transport control protocol flows. Consequently, the congested ad hoc network might cause major deprivation of the performance of network. To stop such congestion situation multimedia functionalities need a protocol with...
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