Evaluate the Organization’s Involvement and Responsibility to the Community

Topics: Empowerment, Police, Employment Pages: 5 (1475 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Motivation and Empowerment
Evelyn Hamilton, Aaron Pobleh and Regina Taylor
CJA/474: Managing Criminal Justice Personnel
November 26, 2012
Instructor: Pam McIver

The term motivation and empowerment is a universal concept that is hoped to work towards the good of any organization. Motivation and empowerment does not come from rewards to employees but instead, recognition, responsibility and advancement. Leaders who are effective in motivating and empowering their staff have acquired a great achievement, which can increase efficiency, and self development of skills and abilities. When employers are concerned about the welfare and needs of their staff, this provides trust among staff. The purpose of this paper is to compare motivation and empowerment, define the components of empowerment, analyze the implications of empowerment and delegation in a criminal justice organization and analyze the role of trust in personnel issues. Compare motivation and empowerment

Motivation and empowerment are two words that are very popular in every workplace. Generally when one mention motivation, everyone would think it is what employer gives their employees, unfortunately, motivation in the workplace goes way far beyond that. Motivating your employees gives them authority to do more work for you and do it better. According to businessdictionary.com, motivation is both internal and external factors which desire and energize people to become committed to a job, role, or subject, or to strive to reach a goal. While empowerment is management practices which allow the sharing of information, power, and rewards with employees so that they can take initiative, and make decision to solve problems, and improve themselves as well as enhance their performance (www.businessdictionary.com). Everyone need to feel empowered regarding their work ethic on the job or being assertive in life challenges and changes, but without the key elements of self-motivation, assertiveness and the ability to make good decision how would they be able to motivate others. Mangers of an organization should show through their behavior and actions how provide the necessary skills to be productive and efficient. This in turn will produce happier employees. Define the components of empowerment

In order to be an effective leader a person would need to be empowering by those below them and therefore allow them to take initiative on their own. A leader that has poor management skill fails to empower anyone underneath him. For example, an office manager as well as a beginner officer within the work place or in the field must feel good about performing on their own and not feeling they will be overly scrutinized regarding their errors. They must not fear the aftermaths or punishments for taking individual decision making.  When this happens, employees began to shun management for fear always doing something wrong. Employers should provide positive communication to their staff (National Empowerment Center). There was a research designed to examine the concept word of empowerment in this programs sponsored by multiple examiner of the criminal justice it was first anticipated to create a working definition. After research the “elements of empowerment were identified, including access to information, ability to make choices, assertiveness, and self-esteem. Empowerment has both an individual and a group dimension (Tom Roger, 2011). This research studied participants in self-help programs for people with no self-motivation and the need for encouragement. At the beginning of the study,” it was stated numerous of the individuals involved empower in their research. It’s obviously the important theory concerning the essential to defining meaning of empowerment as part of the development. Although it “recognized that empowerment had elements in common with such concepts as self-esteem and self-efficacy, these concepts did not fully capture what was considered a...
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