Evaluate the Influences of the Two Major Theories of Ageing on Health and Social Care Provision

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  • Published : May 24, 2012
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The disengagement theory believes that growing old isn’t a nice, cheerful experience and that inevitably we end up alone. The theory was formulated by Cumming and Henry in the 1960s who defined how the relationship between older individuals and other members of society onto older individuals decrease in quality. The Activity theory theorizes that when individuals engage and interact with their environment are all things that elderly individuals can be positive to their life and can be a positive sense of self, i.e. retiring may not be so harmful if the person actively maintains other roles, such as familial roles, recreational roles, and volunteer & community roles. They believe individuals should be encouraged to remain active & develop own-age friends. The first major theory I am going to be evaluating is the activity theory (Havighurst & Colleagues, 1963) and how they are used in provisions provided by the health and social care setting of a care home. Most care homes provide many provisions to residents staying there to promote the activity theory. They include activities such as bingo, day outings, memory games etc. All of these active provisions are good for residents as they keep them engaged and stimulated. In 1966 Bromley wrote that activity theory in elderly people is when they need to stay mentally and physically active in order to limit the risk to get illness and feel older. As people get older there nerve cells in the brain get weaker and that can cause memory loss. To promote intellectual and social development care homes use activities and provisions such as board games (scrabble) group discussion and quizzes and dance movement from music, of which all prevent this disease. These activities provide mental stimulation for elderly people who may not use their mental ability in day to day life. The outcome can give individuals self-worth and a sense of accomplishment whilst partaking in these tasks. In group discussions for example it gives a chance...
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