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  • Published : November 24, 2010
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Architectural  Association School  of  Architecture

Undergraduate  Admissions AA  School  of  Architecture 36  Bedford  Square London  WC1B  3ES Tel   +44  20  7887  4051 Fax   +44  20  7414  0779 Email   undergraduateadmissions@aaschool.ac.uk www.aaschool.ac.uk

Entry  Application

Undergraduate  School  

This form should be completed in capital letters. Before doing so please read carefully through all information on it and refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page: www.aaschool.ac.uk/undergradfaq The AA does not belong to UCAS. This application form should be completed and returned to the Undergraduate Admissions Coordinator, Registrar’s Office, at the above address. Timetable for admissions process Application deadline: 14 January 2011 Portfolio deadline: 28 January 2011 Late application deadline: 11 March 2011 Late portfolio deadline: 25 March 2011

and  print  your  name  on  the  back

Deadlines The deadline for receipt of applications is 6pm on 14 January (application fee £40); late applications will be accepted up to 6pm on 11 March (fee £60). Applications made after 11 March may be accepted at the discretion of the School. Any student wishing to apply for a Scholarship must apply by 14 January. Any scholarship applications received after this deadline may be accepted at the discretion of the School. The application must be complete otherwise it cannot be processed. Please ensure all sections are completed including the checklist at the end of the application form.

Sample portfolios will only be returned if requested and a £50 postage fee is paid in advance, or if the portfolio is picked up in person from the AA on a date prearranged by the AA. Portfolios will be returned/ available to pick up when the AA no longer requires them for assessment purposes. Please wait to be informed that your portfolio is ready for collection. Portfolios brought to an interview can be taken away directly after the interview.

Family  name First  name(s)
Please underline the first name you prefer to use

Middle  name(s) Permanent  address

Portfolio www.aaschool.ac.uk/ undergradportfolio All applicants are expected to submit a bound sample portfolio of art/design work (no larger than A3 and between 10 to 30 pages). CDs/DVDs of additional material are also accepted but only when accompanying a printed hard copy portfolio. Portfolios must be received by 6pm on Friday 28 January or Friday 25 March (late applications). Portfolios can be delivered by hand to the AA or sent by post or courier. The AA cannot be held responsible for late arrival of portfolios. If your portfolio has not been received in time your application may be considered for the late application deadline, or if it arrives after the late application deadline it may be accepted at the discretion of the School.

Interview Based on the assessment of your application and portfolio you will be emailed to be told whether you have been invited to an interview at the AA and the date and time of your interview. The interview should be seen as an opportunity for mutual discussion based on the student’s portfolio of work. A detailed portfolio guide is available at: www.aaschool.ac.uk/ undergradportfolio

Permanent  telephone Address  for  correspondence  (if  different)

Telephone Mobile Date  of  birth Nationality Email

Visiting the AA Prospective students are encouraged to visit the AA during one of the School’s Open Days (dates and details available on the AA website) or during weekdays in term time by arrangement with the Undergraduate Admissions Coordinator.

The AA offers the five-year course in architecture recognised by the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) and ARB (Architects Registration Board). The AA Intermediate Examination (RIBA/ARB Part 1) and the AA Final Examination (RIBA/ARB Part 2) are the qualifications recognised under the European Directive. At the completion of Fifth Year the AA also offers its own highly regarded AA...
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