Evaluate the Effectiveness of Diagonal Communication as a Management Strategy to Achieve Organisation Objectives

Topics: Communication, Organization, Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pages: 4 (1280 words) Published: November 16, 2012
Organizational communication is the process by which information is shared within organization as business; it uses concise messages and clearly defined terms. Individuals use and rely on communication if its processes and messages are perceived as understandable and trustworthy. Outside of informal social interactions, individuals in an organization typically communication coworkers in their departments which have attained the same status they have or they communicate with direct supervisors or their subordinate. The modern business environment requires organization to develop effective communication processes to cope with increased employee involvement, flattered organizational structure advances in communication technology and the work towards an economy more on knowledge than traditional industrial and service skills. Diagonal communication is an informal way of passing on information. According to Wilson (1992) diagonal communication is communication that takes place between a manager and employees of other workgroup. This concept was introduced to capture the new communication challenges associated with new organizational forms such as matrix and project base organizations. Diagonal communication offers employees the opportunity to communicate effectively within the organizational hierarchy. Diagonal communication have several important functions, however they are not without risk. Diagonal communication is also the cross-functional communication between employees at different levels of the organizational hierarchy. Like any other management strategy diagonal communication has its own limitations towards the achievement of organizational objectives. Interpretation

The communication is affected by non-verbally such that the use of tone or even body language may create potential barriers to communicate the correct intended message or just communication. Distortion of information and misunderstanding will be limited by encouraging interaction between relevant...
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