Evaluate the Differences Between the New England Colonies and the Chesapeake Colonies.

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  • Published : January 25, 2011
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Joshua Washington
Mr. Scanlan
1st Period
6 September, 2010
DBQ #1

Although both the New England Colonies (Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire), and the Chesapeake Colonies (Virginia and Maryland) were both settled by people of English origin, by 1700 they were both very distinct for a multitude of reasons; Three of which being, their economics, African Slave population, and their life expectancies. The New England colonies vs. the Chesapeake colonies had many differences in there economical make-up, as far as their economic activities and the diversity of the economies. The New England society had a very diverse economy as far as their activities go. Some economic activities included small farms, livestock, fishing, timber, commerce and in the lesser amount, manufacturing. With a broad range of economic activities, the profit was quite steady. On the contraire, the Chesapeake colonies had a very mainstream economy. The economy mainly depended on farming tobacco. Tobacco was the Chesapeake regions main cash crop. The crop was profitable through boom and bust cycles, not knowing when it would be profitable or not. This also caused Virginia planters to become indebted to British Merchants. The African slave population was different in each region, but within logical reason. Neither the Chesapeake or New England colonies began to enslave African’s until after “Bacon’s Rebellion” in 1676 (100 years before the Revolution), as many of the colonies did. Only 20% of the New England colonies population consisted of African slaves. The “New Yorkers” left behind as many servants aside from “negroes” as there were freemen to defend the shores and all of their frontiers against the natives; (Doc G). The Chesapeake had more of a need for slaves than the New England colonies because of their large amount of labor needed for tobacco cultivation. The turning point to begin utilizing African slaves truly came when Bacon’s Rebellion occurred. The...
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