Evaluate the Claim That Some People Believe the Holocaust Was a Unique Event

Topics: Jews, Judaism, Antisemitism Pages: 4 (1458 words) Published: November 19, 2012
Evaluate the claim that some people believe the holocaust was unique

The holocaust is an atrocious part of mankind’s history. The Nazis slaughtered eleven million people, including six million Jews. The holocaust is a big part of Jewish history, and was a catalyst for the creation of the state of Israel in 1948; but was the holocaust unique? In this essay I will examine the theologies of 4 theologians, focusing on whether they believe the Holocaust was a unique event in Jewish history.

The first theology analysed is that of Richard Rubenstein. Richard Rubenstein was physically untouched by the Nazi’s, but he still considers himself a survivor of the holocaust, as the Nazi’s could have easily reached America. The holocaust has forced him to become an atheist, as he would rather reject G-d than accept that Hitler was an instrument in G-d’s plans. The main concept of Rubenstein’s theology is the de-mythologisation of the Jewish religion. He believes that G-d died during the holocaust, so the spiritual level of Judaism no longer exists, therefore, beliefs such as the “chosen people” can no longer be associated with the Jews. The death of G-d and the demythologisation of G-d have brought Rubenstein to a theological point of no return, simply because his views of an extreme nature.

The Jewish people have suffered throughout history. The destruction of the 1st and 2nd temples are prominently gloomy periods of time in Judaism. However, G-d has been present through these happenings and, therefore, has had the ability to intervene to protect the Jews to some extent. Rubenstein believes the holocaust was a unique occurrence, as it is the only catastrophe where G-d has not been able to intervene, due to the fact that he is dead. Rubenstein believes the holocaust has brought him to a theological point of no return, as his comprehension of it all has lead him to the idea of G-d being dead. This also offers differentiation of the holocaust from previous Jewish events,...
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