Evaluate Factors Contributing to Low Health Expectancy in the Developed World. Critically Assess Possible Solutions to These Problems.

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| | |Final Essay | |Title: Evaluate factors contributing to low health expectancy in the developed world. Critically assess possible solutions to | |these problems. | | | |Student’s name: Dai Shuang | |T number: T2219744 | |Module: PM501-3T | |Title: Final Essay | |Tutor: Chen-Grigg Ling | |2010-12-2 |

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Final Essay Plan
1. The data of low health expectancy in United Kingdom and United States 2. the reasons of low health expectancy are junk food and computer: a. Junk food leads to fats and related disease
b. Computer bring about many physical illnesses
3. There are three solutions:
a. Reduce to eat junk food
b. Increased outdoor activity
c. Government propagate related information
Main body:
1. Reasons:
A. Junk food is one of the main reasons of short life
a. Junk food has more fats, sugars and calories than body needs b. Junk food can affect people’s mental health
B. Computer is another reason of short life
a. Too much exposure to computer will lead to eye troubles, anorexia and other diseases in the long term on people. b. In modern times, computer disease became a common disease, and many people have visual discomfort, neck and shoulder problems. 2. Solutions:

a. reducing to eat junk food and eating more fruits and vegetables. b. Increase outdoor activity can help people keep figure and strengthen the defensive ability of body to avoid computer diseases. c. Government should encourage people to protect self health Conclusion:

1. Junk food and computer will lead to many often-fatal diseases, and harm people’s health and reduce their life. 2. Through three solutions can improve people’s life style and enhance physical fitness, and improve people’s health expectancy. Reference:

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