Evaluate Critical Thinking

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My perception of our team’s metaphors as a whole is that we all are capable of expressing our thoughts about things in our lives as we see them through metaphors. Each of our metaphors allowed others to identify with our thoughts by connecting words with our senses. The metaphors that my team members have written are descriptive and easy to understand. The metaphors that the team members have written were very good and descriptive in my opinion.

Personal Barriers
None of our metaphors seemed to have any thinking errors in them such as, egocentric thinking, polarized thinking, or over-generalizations. Personalized barriers such as, enculturation was present in some of our metaphors and did affect the way we critically thought them through. Because most of our metaphors were based on things in our lives it was not surprising that these sources produced metaphors with enculturation. I think everyone, especially myself, has to be careful not to allow personal barriers get in the way. By not allowing their personal barriers to get in the way they were able to create easily understood metaphors. I think that the team did a good job in doing this.

The next tool is language I think that the way the team constructed their metaphors through the use of language was clear and interesting. I do not really understand how someone could accurately communicate using metaphors. We as a society do not communicate this way and I find that it would be tough to communicate in this manner. We are meant to speak a certain way in order to communicate accurately for instance in America we speak English and in Germany they speak German. It would be difficult to go to Germany and speak English and communicate effectively if they only understood a little English. I personally could not communicate using metaphors to communicate accurately.

The language in which we write, talk, and think helps for the individuals listen understand the message that we...
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