Evaluate Advertising and Promotion Programs for the New Product.

Topics: Marketing, Advertising, The Next Phase Pages: 2 (417 words) Published: November 15, 2010
Evaluate advertising and promotion programs for the new product.
Advertising is “any form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor” (Kotler & Armstrong, 1999, pp. 15-1). Whenever a new product is launched it is important to consider several key aspects when advertising and promoting the product including when, where, to whom, and how. The first aspect to consider is when. When marketing a new product market entry time is critical to development of sales. The promoting of the Mini Talk Watch will start immediately upon final production of the product. The next phase of advertising to consider is where. “The company must decide whether to launch the new product in a single locality, a region, several regions, the national market, or the international market” ((Kotler & Armstrong, 2006, pp. 656). The location of the advertising will be massively advertised across Asia. Next, it is important to identify a target audience to whom the Mini Talk Watch will be marketed to, which of course would be parents with young children, elderly, and other high functioning mentally challenged individuals. Next, it is important to determine how the advertising will be implemented rather is through informative, persuasive, comparison, or reminder advertising. The promoting of the Mini Talk Watch will include a combination of all four methods to influence all consumers. In order to be successful with advertising and promoting, “This often requires cultivating an ongoing relationship with customers and clients to understand their needs, explain how your products and services can meet those needs, and facilitate the "closing" of the sale, that is, where they sign "on the dotted line"” (Free Management Library, Authenticity Consulting, LLC, 2010, pp 1). Further when it comes to advertising it is important to focus on budget, message, media, and campaign evaluation. First, the focus should be on budgeting to ensure that funds are...
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