Evacuation Order No. 19

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Evacuation Order No.19

1-Where and when does the story take place? What is the setting of the story? * The story takes place in Berkeley, California, in the spring of 1942.
2- After reading Mrs. Hayashi sign, what do you think she writes on the receipt? * After reading the sign Mrs. Hayashi writes some notes on the back of a bank receipt. She may have been writing items to take with the family when they leave or she may have been writing the date they must leave by and/ or where they must report.

3- Why do you think Mrs. Hayashi is doing all the packing herself in page 247? * Because her husband was taken to internment camp already so she was all by herself
4- How has Mrs. Hayashi responded to the evacuation order so far? * Responding to the evacuation order, Ms. Hayashi has been systematic and completely unemotional; she has done everything that needs to be done all by herself; she had been steady, efficient, and outwardly calm.

5- Is Mrs. Hayashi’s killing of the dog an act of compassion? How do you think she feels about what she does? * She can’t take the dog with her to the camp, and he is old so she can’t give him away. She would rather kill him quickly than have him starve to death while she is away.

6-Why doesn’t Mrs. Hayashi tell the boy where white dog is? * Because she doesn’t want to hurt her child by telling him she killed his dog
7- What sensory details does the author use to recreate Mrs. Hayashi’s experience of burying the dog? * Ms. Hayashi’s handling of the family animals suggests that she expects to be away for more than several days or weeks.

8- The girl chooses to play a piece of music on the piano. Why does she play the piece? * The girl chooses to play a piece of music by Debussy on the piano. That’s because she misses her father and remembers that he came to hear her play it at a recital; playing it helps her to connect to a happier time.

9- Why does Mrs. Hayashi think of Joe Lundy?...
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