Eutropius, Breviarium Historiae Romanae

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Latin III / Greenman
Eutropius VII.8-9 (Chapter 57 A)

A. Eutropius, Breviarium Historiae Romanae, VII.8-9
Note: Ablatives absolute are still [in brackets.] Sentence subjects are still in CAPITALS. Objects of verbs are still boldface. Finding the verbs is now up to you. The adjectives of noun-adjective pairs are in italics. Finding the nouns is now up to you. Before you translate: Identify the subjects and verbs of each sentence, particularly whether the subject is “he/she/it” or “they.” If the subject is not indicated, use the pronoun. Circle prepositional phrases. Find the verbs whose objects are boldface. Find the nouns whose modifying adjectives are in italics.

[8] Ita [bellis toto orbe confectis] OCTAVIANUS AUGUSTUS Romam rediit, All of Rome prepared to go back to Augustus
duodecimo anno, quam consul fuerat.
His 12th year at consul
Ex eo rem publicam per quadraginta et quattuor annos SOLUS obtinuit. The public officials get 4 years of ruling
Ante enim duodecim annis cum Antonio et Lepido tenuerat.
Before infact the course of Antonius and Lepidus’ ruling was preserved. Ita ab initio principatus eius usque ad finem quinquaginta et sex anni fuerunt. Therefore after the beginning to the end of the 56 year rule Obiit autem septuagesimo sexto anno morte communi in oppido Campaniae Atella. However the city couldn’t reach its 76 year because of its annihilation Romae in campo Martio sepultus est, VIR,

The plain of Rome was overcome by the hero Mars
qui non inmerito ex maxima parte deo similis est putatus.
Which by a large area undeserving by god
Neque enim facile ULLUS eo aut in bellis felicior fuit aut in pace moderatior. Nor indeed do any prettier exist or rather have peace
Quadraginta et quattuor annis, quibus SOLUS gessit imperium, civilissime vixit, in cunctos liberalissimus, in amicos fidissimus,
4 years of rule carry on, the citizens come to life in every friend quos tantis evexit honoribus,...
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