Euthyphro-Plato/ Philosophy

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Philosophy 228

In the play about the ordeals of Euthyphro, religion is addressed to help show the expressions of how Euthyphro explains his views about good and evil. Socrates at first believes that Euthyphro is extremely superior in his thinking concerning gods, and good and evil. When Socrates hears what Euthrophro is going to court for, I believe that he has a problem with him and his viewpoints. I don’t believe that he does a thorough job of explaining how it is alright in trying to get your father sentenced to prison, or death for something when he really didn’t have ill intentions. Socrates questions Euthyphros position of holiness when it comes to judging what he believes are evil in the eyes of their gods. Socrates seemed more interested in what is morally right, than judging because you are thinking about that the gods might think. Socrates is looking at the big picture because he believes that the gods would think that you should value your elders and trust that they would do the right thing in the eyes of their god’s.

The concept of holiness emerges when Socrates explains to Euthyphro that he is being brought up on charges by Meletus because he thinks that Socrates is corrupting the youth. Socrates didn’t think that it really was a bad thing to bring him up on charges because he really did run his mouth a lot during that time, and people could misconstrue the things that he was talking about. He was “cultivating the virtue in the youth, and inventing gods.” (Eurthyphro) After all, Socrates knew that he was different, and even states that he was pouring himself out to everyone. The elders looked at that as being a soothsayer.

I believe that Socrates knows that the god’s judge good and evil, but I think he is trying to distinguish whether or not if they think that everything that we think is good or evil is the same as the gods. This is...
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