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The Euthyphro
by Plato

Euthyphro, one of the many dialogues written by the Greek philosopher Plato documenting the quest for wisdom by his mentor, Socrates. The time that The Euthyphro takes place is preceding a trial that Socrates is in concerning some allegations that he was corrupting the youth of Athens, and ultimately leads to his demise. But it is a very important dialogue due to how it shows the methods Socrates used to try to gain wisdom, and gives some insight on his and or Plato's view on holiness altogether. In all, the Euthyphro is a display of how the Socratic method of obtaining wisdom works and it enters into what Socrates and Plato define holiness as. The dialogue begins with Socrates and Euthyphro coming across one another in front of the court house in Athens. Both are surprised to see each other at such a place and Euthyphro is the first to inquire why the other is there. Socrates replies saying he is being prosecuted for corrupting the youth and falsifying new gods by Meletus, a young politician who thinks of Socrates in this way. Socrates half heartedly jokes about this happening by making fun of Meletus's appearance, and states that he thinks the excellence of the youth should be a prime concern. Euthyphro says that he too has encountered some opposition due to some of his divine thoughts are often disbelieved as well and Socrates will just have to weather the storm. Socrates then inquires why Euthyphro has come before the court, with Euthyphro replying that he is prosecuting his own father for murder. Socrates is astounded that Euthyphro would do such a thing with it being a very bold thing to do in that day, and says that Euthyphro must be an expert in these matters to be able to do such a thing. Euthyphro responds by saying he is an expert in matters such as this and says that even though the man killed was not a family member, but the fact that a man may have been wrongfully slain should be the matter at hand and should be acted...
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