Euthanasia - the "Correct" Way to Kill

Topics: Suicide, Suffering, Pain Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: February 15, 2013
The “Correct” way to kill
“His pain was too great. He begged me for the simple mercy of death. And I could do nothing else but help him leave a world that had become a sleepless, tortured nightmare to him.” This was a quote written by Robert D. Andrews and it proves that no one what’s to suffer in life. In addition to the aim of euthanasia which is about making you free from that torturing nightmare.

It has often been questioned whether we should allow euthanasia. We must accept people's right to choose if they want to end their lives or not and the state plays an important role in ensuring that this can be done in a safe and humanitarian way. It’s about respect for life and we are in need of it in our society. Most of us worship life and in much the same way none wants to suffer in the end of their journey. Although who is in charge of deciding whether we want to end our lives in those situations or not? Should we be forced to live in pain and endure? In my opinion I believe that we should permit euthanasia to be sure that the sick do not have to suffer anymore!

Imagine if you were critically ill and regardless of what medicines or treatments that you were given, they had no function. Although everything you have been through, you were told that you were still going to die. Think about if there was a way to make it all come to an end, by ending your suffering. Should we be denied the opportunity to decide if we want to end our endurance by finishing our own lives? Assisted suicide is a way to avoid suffering and misery for the invalid and it’s a more gentle way to go.

On the contrary there are people who are against euthanasia due to its consequences. If we accept it in our society all sorts of people may take advantage of the help the hospitals offer to sick people who are in need of it. Also, many might believe that the doctors do not do their jobs right. Is that really taking lives or saving them? Several will loose their faith in the doctors and...
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