Euthanasia Speech

Topics: Human, Illness, Health care Pages: 2 (823 words) Published: August 4, 2010
Euthanasia- Is it right or wrong?

Euthanasia, it is a grim part of medical practice that is rarely talked upon. The right to end lives before their time. Should humans be given the right to play god? Maybe in the future daughters and sons may have the power over ending their suffering parent’s lives. We are allowed to decide when our beloved pets are to be put to sleep when they are suffering, so why are people not able to choose when they want to be put to sleep to end their long suffering? I am here in front of you today to explain this ideal. Is Euthanasia right or wrong in our society today?

The points for Euthanasia becoming legal in society today are that some people want Euthanasia to become legalised while others don’t want it to. In my opinion it should be legalised as it enables people the option with terminal illnesses to end their lives, ending their long suffering throughout the illnesses. Another thing is that pets that are suffering are able to be put to sleep to end their suffering and to end the pain whereas people with illness related pain are not. This showing that we would rather people have huge amounts of pain while they are alive instead of being put to sleep and reducing it to zero, and that we think more highly of animal rights than that of humans in the same situation. If Euthanasia was to become legal it would mean that the person that was suffering would be rid of their pain but it would cause a new type of pain in the people that they would be leaving behind. By this I mean that the person would be prematurely ending their life, leaving many people that dearly loved them behind in the world in mourning. Thus meaning that Euthanasia would be a win lose situation. Other reasons people don’t want Euthanasia to become legal is that they think that humans have no right to having such a strong power of deciding when people die. An example of this is the Christian Church where they believe that humans were created in the image of god...
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