Euthanasia: Right to Life or Right to Die?

Topics: Human rights, Sociology, United States Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: April 30, 2012
A right to die or a right to live? Discontinuing medical treatment This study discusses whether it was right for health professionals to stop feeding a comatose patient. Her family believed she would be better off and said that she would not want to die in this state. This case studied was it okay to withdraw treatment from an individual that lacked anyway to make a decision. Baker J refused to sanction the withdrawal treatment of the patient. He said that there was importance of “right to life”. He hoped that even if her family disagreed with him sustaining the patient’s life, that at least they could understand his perspective. This article was interesting because it provides insight on people’s perspective on the “right to live”. Whose choice should it be? References

McHale, J. (2011). A right to die or a right to live? Discontinuing medical treatment. British Journal of Nursing (BJN), 20(20), 1308-1309. Self-Determination, the right to die, and culture: A literature review End of life practices are not just limited by law; it is influenced by culture as well (McCormick, 2011). People can now consider end of life options such as refusing food and water and medical treatment and withholding or withdrawing life sustaining as a way to end life (McCormick, 2011). To participate with others some patients prefer to stay alert as possible through the dying process. I found this to be very interesting. I can understand this because they want to be alert to say their goodbyes to their family. Social workers may also take steps to interfere with a client’s will to die if they anticipate self-harm stemming from poor judgment or poor self-care. I also like that the article discusses how different cultures would view physician assisted suicide. It is interesting how different cultures view this practice inside the United States as well as outside the United States. References

McCormick, A. J. (2011). Self-Determination, the right to die, and culture: A Literature...
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