Euthanasia right or wrong

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Euthanasia right or wrong?

People should have a choice wether they should live or die, it is cruel to leave them in pain and it would be murder if doctors use euthanasia to kill patients who did not ask to die. Euthanasia should be allowed provided that all consent has been given by the patients themselves.

It is up to the patients to decide if they want to kill themselves or end their pain. Incurable disease is not something someone should live with, they should not be made to stay on the life support machine or countless amounts of drugs to sustain their illness to help try to prolong their life, when these things are not actually helping them at all.

Many Laws in Europe sees euthanasia as illegal because they want to keep the patient alive much longer but they know that by doing that they are prolonging the patient’s pain, keeping the patient in immense suffering in the hope they will find a cure one day.

At the moment euthanasia is illegal in the UK as it is in other European countries apart from the Netherlands, Switzerland, and now Belgium. The cost of keeping a patient alive against their will is more expensive than letting them die. Many patients are in immense suffering and may choose death as a way out,

Religious views says that we cannot do whatever we want to our bodies, our bodies is not our own God made us and knows what we need here on earth and therefore we should believe his law ‘’thou sall not kill’’ The law sees no basis for permitting suicide or mercy killing. Survive without euthanasia and the world will become a respectable place

A considerable size of society is in favor of euthanasia and belive that if euthanasia had been made legal well over 40 years ago there would be no need for a hospice. But patients expected to die within days who surprise everyone with their extraurdinary recoveries every doctor has experienced this wonderful embarrassment.

Acceptance of death often leads to an...
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