Euthanasia Opposite Side

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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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Euthanasia is a relatively touchy subject and everyone has their own opinion on it. For me, I am pro-euthanasia and I believe that an individual’s right to autonomy and freedom of choice, euthanasia should be legalized in all the states. It is only fair to give someone that right because death is a private matter and should not be controlled by others.

If a person autonomously chooses to end his or her life or have someone else assist them in doing so, it should be allowed. One should be free to do so as long as no harm is done to others. Moreland goes farther and gives an argument dealing with autonomy stating “Since biological life is not the real, moral issue, then life is not intrinsically valuable or sacred simply because it is human life.” He goes on saying that the more important aspect would be biological life, which deals with autonomy (Moreland). There are many people who are stuck in hospital beds for months, even years, wired with tubes unable to move from where they lay. They slowly die in a long painful death unable to do anything, while family members watch in agony as their loved one withers away. What an undignified way to die, a slow painful death, too sad to watch. We can prevent this if euthanasia was in place. Euthanasia can quickly and humanely end a patients suffering allowing them to die with dignity (Euthanasia). Not only does this help patients die a more painless death, it also can help shorten the grief and suffering or the patients loved ones. Illness can take away the ability to make choices leaving people with no quality of life. Euthanasia allows that person to take back the control in deciding whether to live or to die (White). A different way to see it is to compare it to our animals. Most people would have their pets put down if they were suffering. It would be unbearable to watch your pet slowly die, rather than having a quick death. Why can’t the same thing happen with humans? It is almost like animals get a...
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