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Topics: Suicide, Euthanasia, Death Pages: 9 (3575 words) Published: May 2, 2012
Adrianna Brown
Professor Gamache
Writing and Research
27 April 2012

The paper is based on the argument of whether euthanasia should be legalized or not. Not many people understand what euthanasia is. Some do not even know that a human can ask for this option when you are close to death. It explains what euthanasia is and shows the main points of each side’s argument. It also gives a little history on what the word “euthanasia” used to mean and how its meaning has changed throughout the years. My argument is that euthanasia should not be legalized and to prove it I provided both sides of this major debate amongst society. One side explains why euthanasia is bad for society and why it should not be legalized using many different point of views, like religion. The other side argues that euthanasia should be legalized because we as humans have the right to decide how and when we want to die. This side believes that we should be able to die with dignity and not be scrutinized for our decision. They also believe that if we mad euthanasia illegal, it would be like committing suicide to society. By providing both sides of the argument, it could convince my readers to agree my opinion. Most of my sources were provided by the school’s databases, which gave me access to many different articles and opinions on the issue. My conclusion on this issue is that both sides provided valid reasons to support their opinions but I believe that euthanasia should not be legalized.

Life is something that most people take for granted. As most people, I believe that all life is special and should be treated with care and respect because everyone has one life to live and it wouldn’t be fair if they didn’t get a chance to fulfill what they wanted to do in life. The act of euthanasia actually dehumanizes the patients in the hospital and makes the person who is contributing to the death feel like they are playing the role of God. I believe that euthanasia should not be legalized. It just happens to be the legal way of killing someone. And this act of euthanasia should not be seen as a normal thing in society.

What is euthanasia? According to Dr. Jonathan Moreno, it “refers to actions or omissions that result in the death of a person who is already gravely ill.” Some people refer to it as a “good” death but, in reality, euthanasia is an assisted suicide. In the nineteenth century, it meant “the care of the dying;” a physician was expected to provide conditions that would help alleviate the patients suffering and ease them into a gentle death. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the definition of euthanasia has changed overtime, from meaning to care for the dying to meaning to induce an easy and gentle death of the dying. People choose euthanasia for many different reasons. Some chose euthanasia because they are terminally ill and unlikely to benefit from any new treatments or they do not want to go through the pain and suffering. Others believe that because their physical health has deteriorated, their spiritual health is now useless. This mentality usually results from patients who can no longer communicate or make their own decisions (Moreno).

The problem with euthanasia is that it is a major offense to humanity. As humans, we are born with dignity and by being euthanized or using euthanasia it hurts our dignity. Many people nowadays do not realize how sacred human life is, and believe that if you cannot speak or respond to others, your life is not worth living. However, if a person has the ability to be aware of their surroundings, they deserve to live. God made our bodies to protect and harbor our souls while we are here on Earth. The reason why most people choose euthanasia is because they do not realize the value of their suffering. According to the Bible, Jesus showed his love for humanity by dying on the cross for our sins and us.

There are many different arguments as to why euthanasia is wrong and...
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