Euthanasia in America

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  • Published : August 6, 2007
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Euthanasia – doctor assisted suicide – is a practice with mixed views across the globe. In the United States of America, euthanasia is outlawed by the government, and is also the subject of many political and religious marches, and thus a source of much stigma. I believe that euthanasia is a completely ethical practice, and thus should not be outlawed. A simple reason why euthanasia should be legal is the way it is done compared to suicide. In the United Kingdom, euthanasia is done by the use of a lethal cocktail of drugs chosen by a qualified doctor – a doctor who knows which drugs will end the patient's life without incurring anymore suffering on the patient. In the United States, suicide is committed through many needlessly violent methods, such as shootings, hangings, and drug overdoses. In the hands of a doctor, death can be much less painful, not only for the patient, but also for those close to the patient. Mentally, euthanasia could be less shocking and frightening than finding out your friend committed suicide. And not only is euthanasia a less violent option than suicide, euthanasia is for the people who need it only. For example, how many proponents against euthanasia actually have problems stemming from it? Euthanasia is for the people who are suffering, not for politicians going against euthanasia so they can get the religious vote. It would be incomprehensible for a person not truly having an opinion on euthanasia and just using it for politics to know how much a person could be suffering. Someone could be in excruciating pain with a terminal disease, such as Amyloidosis, and euthanasia could be the only way out for that patient. Therefore, euthanasia would be completely acceptable and even merciful in this situation. But one of the most understandable proponents for euthanasia is that it allows a patient to die with a sense of dignity. If someone is going to kill themselves, or is going to die because of a terminal illness, there's little chance...
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