Euthanasia an Unethical Death

Topics: Euthanasia, Death, Law Pages: 4 (1531 words) Published: November 20, 2010
The value of human life has been a debated topic for millennia’s. Over 2 000 years ago the ancient Romans and Greeks did not believe that life needed to be preserved, but as time passed by the sanctity of human life increased to a whole new plane (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy). Over the past several decades, the western society has witnessed a strange and subtle shift in how society views life (Balkin 35). According to a March 2003 Gallup poll 48% of Americans believe mercy killing should be legal which is down from the 61% in a May 1996 USA Today poll (Gallup). Laws have always been a reflection of society’s beliefs and values, therefore if the law deems mercy killing as illegal then we can safely assume that society also deems the practice illegal. Mercy killing is an unethical and unjustified act which should never under any circumstances become legal because the victims of mercy killing could be suffering from a mental illness and do not wish to die even if they request for it, it is impossible to create a law which has the capacity to govern non voluntary euthanasia and lastly because there is a strong ethical and moral standpoint that society and individuals favor when it comes to making mercy killing legal or not.

There are many different types of diseases and terminal illnesses that dwell on this Earth. Since not everyone is as educated as doctors and other experts in the medical field people are unaware of the actual treatments available and under development for different illnesses (Euthanasia). For example, a patient who has just been told by their physician that he or she has a tumor in their oral cavity may go into depression and start developing irrational and senseless thoughts and feelings because of the heartbreaking news (Harris 13). Although in reality they are unaware of the current status of their tumor (size, etc.) and the possible treatments and medications available (Harris 13). Therefore when someone is...
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