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  • Published : February 8, 2014
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To Die: It is a legal Right

The origin of euthanasia comes from the Greek word “Euthanatos” which is the combination of the Greek “eu” that means “good” and the death god in Greek mythology, “Thanatos”(“Euthanasia”). Like the nuance of original compound of euthanasia, a death can bring some positive effects for a human life especially when people suffer from some painful and incurable illnesses. As a creature that thinks and decides independently, getting a critical illness makes people feel that they lose the power to control their own life, because many things that they have done and enjoyed normally can become impossible according to their physical or mental condition. For example, if a person has pancreatic cancer, which is one of the most painful illnesses, the person may consider committing assisted suicide as an option, because of the huge pain. The most important thing that we care about is how we make our life qualified, not prolonged and quantified. Thus, the U.S. government should legalize euthanasia. In fact, the present controversies about euthanasia have evolved and expanded for a long time especially since the precedent of Holland in 1994. According to Sanguk Kim, “One of the most famous cases of euthanasia is that a Dutch woman who had had a hard time from her heavy depression died after she took lethal dose of sleeping pills which she got from her psychiatrist. In this accident, the supreme court of Netherland brought in a verdict of guilty for the psychiatrist but didn’t pass a sentence, because they judged that the legislation of right to die can apply to the case of a critical situation that people could fall in, which is not only physical condition but also mental status.”(“Controversies”) This precedent broadened the scope of euthanasia from passive euthanasia, which generally gets rid of the equipment of patient and didn’t get a huge resistances, to active euthanasia, which usually injects poison by doctors and have become a lot of oppositions. After the first precedent’s outcome, some countries, such as Belgium and Australia, legalized euthanasia and allowed it. First of all, banning euthanasia can jeopardize the right of the individuals, the right to die contently. Every person deserves to have a right to decide things that are important for their independent and qualitative life. Seorin Jung, a journalist of, introduces a story of Tony Nicklinson, who had been very healthy as a rugby player, got locked-in syndrome in 2005 and made petition for several time to get permitted for euthanasia: The supreme court of England has decided the right to die of Tony Nicklinson. They accept the lawsuit that Nicklinson has asked to finish his disgraceful life. He said that he cannot accept this situation that people treat this kind of problems, euthanasia, with the sight of 20th century and use medicines of 21st century. He cannot move his body beneath his neck and has rejected drug treatment for a half decade. His wife, Jane Nicklinson, says that the medical technology has developed, but laws haven’t and the way out from her husband’s misery is euthanasia.(“The Right to Die”) Even though the countries that legalize euthanasia are increasing, it grows slowly and patients like Nicklinson should just wait desperately. When patients think about their comfortable and peaceful death, which most people wish, dying where they were born becomes one of the greatest options. However, they cannot take the humane opportunity in the countries that illegalize euthanasia. Next, some painful illnesses extremely torture patients and make them miserable. People should respect the intention of the patient who has suffered with such a huge pain for a long time, because even though every illness accompanies with general amount of pain individually, the actual pains for a patient are different according to their mental status and physical degree that base on their variety elements. As Newyorktimes journalist...
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