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  • Published : October 18, 2013
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8. Euthanasia Timeline
1938 -On Jan. 16th, 1938 Charles Francis Potter announces the founding of the National Society for the Legalization of Euthanasia (NSLE), which is soon renamed the Euthanasia Society of America (ESA). 1950 -The World Medical Association votes to recommend to all national medical associations that euthanasia be condemned "under any circumstances." In the same year, the American Medical Association issues a statement that the majority of doctors do not believe in euthanasia. 1967 -The first living will is written by attorney Louis Kutner and his arguments for it appear in the Indiana Law Journal. 1972 -The U.S. Senate Special Commission on Aging (SCA) holds the first national hearings on death with dignity, entitled "Death with Dignity: An Inquiry into Related Public Issues." 1973 -The American Medical Association adopts a "Patient's Bill of Rights" which recognizes the right of patients to refuse treatment. 1976 -The New Jersey Supreme Court rules in the 1976 In re Quinlan case that 21-year-old Karen Quinlan can be detached from her respirator. 1980 -Derek Humphry forms the Hemlock Society, a grassroots euthanasia organization, in Los Angeles. 1990 -Jack Kevorkian, MD, assists Janet Adkins, a Hemlock Society member, in committing suicide in Michigan. Adkins death is the first of many suicides in which Dr. Kevorkian assists. 1994 -The Oregon Death With Dignity Act is passed, becoming the first law in American history permitting physician-assisted suicide. 1997 -The Supreme Court rules in Washington v. Glucksberg and Vacco v. Quill that there is not a constitutional right to die. 2005 -The Terri Schiavo case garners national media attention. After a Florida Circuit Judge ruled that Terri Schiavo' feeding tube be removed and the Florida Supreme Court overturned "Terri's Law," a law intended to reinsert the feeding tube, the United States Supreme Court refuses for the sixth time to intervene in the case. Terri Schiavo dies on Mar....
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