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  • Published : October 15, 2013
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Life or Death?

Some believe that dying is just the end of one life to get to the other one, others think our soul either goes to heaven or hell or simply other people may think that when you die you just die and there is nothing else beyond that; the truth is that none of us have a clue on what is going to happen when we die. Of course according to each person’s beliefs it will depend on what each think it will happen. Even though most of the people in the world are extremely terrified of death; someday either we want it or not it will happen, we don’t know when, we don’t know how, but someday we will die. It is our destiny to die, but there are some cases in which the decision between life or death is in the hands of another human being. It must be hard for the majority of people to take the hard decision on whether letting someone live for its own good or just letting that person die to let him rest in peace. Taking this decision is whether choosing if you carry forever this guilt on letting someone die when there is still hope or feeling guilty on letting someone suffer instead of letting them rest in peace. Sometimes we have to take hard and sad decisions for best even though it will affect everybody else, such as choosing between the life or death of someone. Deciding whether letting someone stay alive even though they are suffering or they simply cannot longer wake up from a very long coma or just choosing to kill him for best must be one of the hardest decisions a family can make. It is mostly illegal in the whole world to just let someone die for best because law states that nobody has the right to kill someone else. The act of letting someone die when this person is in critical conditions is called euthanasia. The decision of euthanasia involves a lot ethics and morality, because either decision you choose to make in a way in has something wrong with it or if it’s the person’s choice on whether to give up or not it is still a hard decision. There...