Topics: Euthanasia, Death, Suffering Pages: 4 (1706 words) Published: September 21, 2013
Is it ever right to end the life of a terminally ill patient who is undergoing severe pain and suffering? Should human beings have the right to decide on issues of life and death? Is there a moral difference between killing someone and letting them die? Those issues have been at the center of very heated debates for many years and are surrounded by religious, ethical and practical considerations. Some people think that euthanasia shouldn't be allowed, even if it was morally right, because it could be abused and used as a cover for murder. Very often people call euthanasia 'mercy killing', perhaps thinking of it for someone who is terminally ill and suffering prolonged, unbearable pain. According to BBC ethic’s guide, most people think unbearable pain is the main reason people seek euthanasia, but some surveys in the USA and the Netherlands showed that less than a third of requests for euthanasia were because of severe pain. Euthanasia comes in several different forms, each of which brings a different set of rights and wrongs. I believe that we, as human beings, should be given a choice to live or die depending on the severity of the situation.

A person should have the right to end their own life, as they own their body. Before the doctor does the euthanasia, he or she should give the patient all the resources in order to prevent it from happening. If the person still wants to end his life, then he should be allowed to. I find that making suicide illegal tends to not work anyways. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the issue of euthanasia and whether or not it should be legal. From a legal standpoint, the Encyclopedia of American Law categorizes mercy killing as a class of criminal homicide. Judicially, not all homicide is illegal. Killing is seen as excusable when used as a criminal punishment or self defense, but inexcusable when carried out for any other reason. In most nations, euthanasia is considered criminal homicide; however, in...
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