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Arguments against euthanasia

One of the main arguments against Euthanasia is that we should preserve life. This argument is mainly to do with religious beliefs. Many Christians believe that God should be the only one to take life away, since he gave life to us, and plans our life before we are born, so to choose euthanasia, it is considered sinful. Christians believe that any form of suicide is considered immoral. The fifth commandment states that ‘thou shall not kill’ this sums up the Christian argument against euthanasia.

Another argument against Euthanasia is that if euthanasia is legalised many people will make the wrong decision e.g. to kill them selves, for no valid reason. It is feared that in some cases, it is possible that family member and doctors will try to persuade the person to take their life, against their will. Some people believe there is nothing wrong in supporting voluntary euthanasia but rejecting non-voluntary euthanasia is morally wrong. For example if someone has a disability and their life is considered not worth living, but they don’t want to die, then non-voluntary Euthanasia shouldn’t be an option.

On of the concerns is that is society that allows voluntary euthanasia; it will gradually change its attitudes to include non-voluntary and then involuntary euthanasia. Is euthanasia does become legal, then people that need constant help, might feel pressured to choose voluntary euthanasia, so they aren’t a burden to their family. Also, if a doctor is wrong, and tells a patient that they have an incurable disease, the patient may choose voluntary euthanasia.

Which brings me on to my next point; which is that legalizing euthanasia would go against one of the biggest ‘promises’ that a doctor makes; ‘A doctor must always bear in mind the obligation of preserving human life from conception’. Asking doctors to break this obligation could ruin the doctor and patient relationship. Which could cause more deaths.

Euthanasia weakens...
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