Topics: Ethics, Immanuel Kant, Utilitarianism Pages: 5 (2191 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Euthanasia has become a topic for debate ever since Oregon legalized it in 1994(Time). Euthanasia can help people who are in tremendous pain by giving them a choice at ending it all in a painless manner. At the same time insurance companies will be saving millions of dollars every year for those people who do choose to. In Oregon is has been proven that euthanasia by a physician has had little abuse to come from the law being passed with all of the requirements being set in place before it is allowed to happen. (Time) Understandably some would oppose this simply because it is taking some one’s life is involved which some people will oppose no matter what. It also goes against others religion which is also understandable as to why they would oppose it. At the same time who are we to say that some one can not take their own life no matter how much pain they are in. That even though they are going to die soon any way and that everyone knows it that they have to just lay there in pain after the pain killers stop working and just wait for the end. Ruth Benedict is an anthropologist ethicist who did not believe in transcultural or universal morals. Benedict more or less believed that cultures could not be evaluated as moral or immoral by an outside source and can not be evaluated by people who belong to the culture by transcultural standards either simply because she believed no such standard existed. Instead she believed that our reality is what and how we interpret the differences in different cultures is how we determine the difference between what is moral and what is immoral. So I believe that Ruth Benedict would take the stand on legalizing euthanasia so long that the individual would know what they are asking for and are in a state to clearly make the decision. I do not believe that the individuals family would make a difference as far as Benedict is concerned as long as the individual thinks what they are doing is the right thing for themselves. Another ethicist that would take this stand would be Ayn Rand. Ayn Rand is an ethical egoist who believes in things like objective ethics where there is no source of values other than objective reality.( Boss, Judith) Ayn believes that and individual should act rationally and that, that is the moral thing to do. To act irrationally is to be immoral. She is all about the individual as opposed to social virtues. She has her four rational virtues which are be independent, have integrity, be honest, and be just. By her standards almost anything that you believe to be right is what is right which makes you moral as long as it follows the four virtues. Ayn Rand would definitely say that euthanasia should be legalized in Missouri. According to her even others helping the elderly or sick is an immoral and those who are terminally ill are no different. If they have done nothing to deserve the help then they should not be given any help and that they are just being a burden to those people around them and their resources. I’m not even sure if Rand would actually say help them commit suicide unless it actually benefits you. Other than that she would probably say just leave them be to suffer and go one with your business. If an individual that was ready to die of a terminal illness asked for help in killing themselves Rand would still be in favor because it is what they want and if some one is willing to help them then who are we to stop them. Doing so follows all four of her social virtues. Jeremy Bentham is a utilitarian who believes in what brings the greatest amount of happiness, not to just one’s self but everyone that their actions effect. It is hard to say what Jeremy Bentham would say. I say he would probably say legalize it as long as everyone else is okay with it which is obvious. However as to going through with the practice is another story and he would make the person making the decision with the principle of utility or the greatest good principle. Basically if it causes...
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