Topics: Death, Law, Euthanasia Pages: 2 (649 words) Published: January 10, 2013
Euthanasia comes from the Greek language and means good death. Another word for euthanasia is “mercy killing”. It is the end of an ill person’s life in a painless way. In the pass years there has been much discussion about euthanasia all over the world. Some countries are allowed to practice it, while in others it is illegal. However, we should all be against euthanasia for several reasons. It’s a homicide and murdering another creation cannot be rationalized under any circumstances. Euthanasia is wrong because it devalues life, is morally incorrect, and could have later saved other lives. Life deserves exceptional security and protection. Advanced medical technology has made it possible to enhance the life span and quality of one’s life. Even doctors cannot predict firmly about period of death and whether there is a possibility of remission or recovery with other advanced treatments. In the article it states, “Catholic doctrine doesn’t mandate futile medical treatments or high-tech interventions for the dying. Father Hehir said, “It supports hospice and palliative care.” So, implementing euthanasia would mean many unlawful deaths that could have well survived later. Legalizing euthanasia would be like empowering law abusers and increasing distrust of patients towards doctors. Mercy killing transforms itself from the "right to die" to the "right to kill"

Physicians and doctors should not be involved in directly causing death. Every person should be responsible for his or her own life. Even though it is not legal, euthanasia is done all over the world, as some people don’t see other ways of dealing with their medical issues. Knowing that the condition they have is permanent and not curable, euthanasia would also decrease health care for the family. It is said in the article, “We do oppose direct, intentional, purposeful taking of a human life, one’s own, or others.” Clearly, there are many people who believe in the truth. Hence, the article is...
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