European vs American Suit Style

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  • Published : June 14, 2006
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•Shoulders: The shoulders of Americans tend to be broader than those of Europeans in proportion to the waist. This is why the average American man can have trouble fitting within the jacket of the average sized Italian suit, even when the waist is the correct size. •Girth: A large "beer belly" is all too common for Americans, much more so than for European men. American men can have difficulty finding correctly sized Italian suits from other designers: even if the jacket fits, the trousers can be too small. •Bottom: In the 1988 Seoul Olympics, Americans complained that the stadium seats were too small. There was good reason: American bottoms are larger than Asians and Europeans. In the last sixty years, the size has increased by two inches. Consequently, Italian cut trousers from other suppliers can be too tight for American men. •

With the Right Set of Suit Measurements, it's Easy to Select the Perfect Italian Suit Most men shopping online for a dress suit have one question in mind: Will the suit fit? Luckily, a men's suit size is nothing more than a chest measurement. Below, the fashion experts at DeCalo Fashion teach you the essentials for jacket and pants measurements. Essential jacket measurements

•Chest : Place the measuring tape high under your arms at the widest point, covering your chest and your shoulder blades. The tape should be completely level. As you breathe normally, have a friend insert a finger between your chest and the measuring tape. This suit measurement yields both your chest and suit size. •Shoulder : Have a friend measure across the top, back, of your shoulders. For this suit measurement, the measuring tape should extend seam to seam. •Jacket length : This suit measurement determines the ideal length from the bottom of the collar to the bottom of the jacket. Measure from where your neck meets your back to a point just below the curve of your buttocks •Sleeve length : In this suit measurement,...
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