European Social Model

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  • Published : November 29, 2008
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The European Social Model

The European Social Model is a vision of society that combines sustainable economic growth with ever-improving living and working conditions. The European Social Model is built on the principle of social partnership: a compromise between different interests in society to the benefit of all.

This implies full employment, good quality jobs, equal opportunities, social protection for all, social inclusion, and involving citizens in the decisions that affect them. In the Europeans view, social dialogue, collective bargaining and workers’ protection are crucial factors in promoting innovation, productivity and competitiveness.

The European social model is seen as a basic right of every European. The responsibility for all to help pay is reflected in the tax structure that supports the continent’s extensive welfare programs. Europeans rely much more heavily than most of the world on sales taxes also known by Europeans as “value added taxes.” This system was created to make sure that lower- income people help pay for the social system.

The European Social model shows a high level of employment, sustainable and non-inflationary growth, economic competitiveness, an elevated quality of life, and a high level of the quality of the environment European Benefits to Obtain Equality for all.

Europeans set out to offer equality of opportunity to all it’s people. Americans neglect the bottom 50 percent in the name of individualism. Health Care
-In Europe all receive the same health care . Rich or poor you share the same doctors and hospitals. Health care is not taken when a worker is unemployed. Education
-Europe all send their children to the same largely free universities. Europeans feel that this is a benefit to society as a whole to produce educated workers. Unemployment Benefits
-Europeans that have been laid off receive housing benefit, a heat and light benefit, a food benefit, a child care benefit, and a monthly...
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