European Quality Award

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The European Quality Award
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5.1 Introduction

The European Quality Award is the European equivalent of the Baldrige Award. The European Award took the Baldrige Award as a starting point, and refined it so that it had a similar but unique focus on the adoption of total quality as a business improvement vehicle. This development led to an approach that at the time was more business orientated than that of the Baldrige Award. However, in recent years both models have evolved, and both now have a high degree of business orientation. The award framework discussed in this chapter was developed by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), and as such they remain the custodians of the framework. Most European countries have adopted the European model and award process for their national awards. The EFQM notes that the number of organizations using its framework across Europe is rapidly growing, with over 20 000 organizations currently using the model to drive their improvement activities.

5.2 Background to EFQM and the awards
On 15 September 1988, fourteen chief executives of leading European companies formed the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) with the aim of enhancing the competitive position of European companies in the world market. In doing this an organization was formed that is the strongest

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Assessing Business Excellence

executive management-led organization addressing strategic quality issues in Europe. The fourteen founding members came from both service and manufacturing industry sectors. The membership of EFQM has grown to over 750 members, from most European countries and most business sectors. The EFQM sees itself as having a key role to play in enhancing the...
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