European Nationalism Case Study---Catalan

Topics: Catalonia, Nationalism, Spain Pages: 3 (1057 words) Published: March 2, 2013
European Nationalism Case Study---Catalan
During the development of Europe, Nationalism played an important role. Initially, in the 19th century, a wave of nationalism swept the whole continent of Europe from romantic nationalism to a variety of European countries .Subsequently, there were some new countries in the different ways to initialize their movement on nationalism, such as “the Romantic exaltation of "feeling" and "identity" and the Liberal requirement that a legitimate state be based on a "people" rather than, for example, a dynasty, God, or imperial domination.”(Paul Halsall, 1998). Since then, the concept of “nationalism” ascended to the historical stage. In this essay, the main research will be focused on the Catalan Nationalism, also known as Catalanism. Historically, the first movement of Catalanism came from an unsuccessful attempt to set up a federal state in the context of the first Spanish Republic in Spain. At the very beginning, influenced by Romantic Nationalism, the movement got a clear political character, directed to the achievement of self-government for Catalonia within the framework of the Spanish liberal state after the fiasco of the Revolution of 1868.A few years later, Valenti Almiral i Llozer (March 8, 1841–1904), father of the movement Catalan Nationalism, with other intellectuals established a new political ideology. Those intellectuals declaimed they would set up a self-government region and obtain recognition for the Catalan language. The movement didn’t get much support until the war between America and Spain, in which the United State invaded and recapture the former Spanish colonies. Because of the weakening situation where the Spanish lost its international political influence and the loss of two its last two colonial possessions in Cube and Philippines, the Catalanism met more and more support. However, there were several contemporary different forms of Catalanism and while some restrict them to Catalonia-proper,...
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