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Topics: Secondary education, High school, Secondary school Pages: 22 (6888 words) Published: February 16, 2012
European Journal of Social Sciences – Volume 13, Number 2 (2010)

Students and Teachers’ Perception of the Causes of Poor Academic Performance in Ogun State Secondary Schools [Nigeria]: Implications for Couselling for National Development Asikhia O. A Senior Lecturer in the Department of Curriculum Studies and Instruction Michael Otedola College of Primary Education Noforija-Epe, Lagos State Abstract The study examined the perception of students and teachers on the causes of poor academic performance among secondary school students in Ogun State, Nigeria. Subjects for the study were one hundred and thirty-five (135) students and fifty (50) teachers randomly drawn from five secondary schools in Odogbolu Local Government Area of Ogun State. Questionnaire was used to collect relevant data for the study. Percentages and chi-square were used to analyse the research questions. Responses of teachers showed that teachers’ qualification and students’ environment do not influence students’ poor performance but teachers’ methods of teaching influence poor academic performance. Students’ response on the other hand showed that while teachers’ qualification and students’ environment influence students’ poor performance, teachers’ method of teaching and learning materials do not. The implications of these findings for secondary school guidance counselors interested in counseling adolescents for good academic performance were discussed.

The differential scholastic achievement of students in Nigeria has been and is still a source of concern and research interest to educators, government and parents. This is so because of the great importance that education has on the national development of the country. All over the country, there is a consensus of opinion about the fallen standard of education in Nigeria (Adebule, 2004). Parents and government are in total agreement that their huge investment on education is not yielding the desired dividend. Teachers also complain of students’ low performance at both internal and external examination. The annual releases of Senior Secondary Certificate Examination results (SSCE) conducted by West African Examination Council (WAEC) justified the problematic nature and generalization of poor secondary school students’ performance in different school subjects. For instance, the percentage of failure compared with students who passed English and Mathematics between 2004 to 2007 is shown below. Table 1: The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) Performance in the Senior School Certificate Examinations: May/June, 2004-2007: Mathematics TOTAL NO OF CANDIDATE PASS P7-P8 % 28.16 25.36 31.09 26.72 FAIL F9 % 34.47 34.41 24.95 24.24

CREDIT A1-C6 % 2004 1019524 33.97 2005 1054853 38.20 2006 1149277 41.12 2007 1249028 46.75 Source: Statistics Office, WAEC, Lagos,Nigeria. (2009) YEAR


European Journal of Social Sciences – Volume 13, Number 2 (2010) Table 1: The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) Performance in the Senior School Certificate Examinations: May/June, 2004-2007: English YEAR FAIL F9 % 37.61 36.93 29.65 26.54

CREDIT A1-C6 % 2004 29.59 2005 25.36 2006 34.48 2007 29.94 Source: Statistics Office, WAEC, Lagos, Nigeria. (2009)

Poor academic performance according to Aremu (2003) is a performance that is adjudged by the examinee/testee and some other significant as falling below an expected standard. Poor academic performance has been observed in school subjects especially mathematics and English language among secondary school students (Adesemowo, 2005). Aremu (2000) stresses that academic failure is not only frustrating to the students and the parents, its effects are equally grave on the society in terms of dearth of manpower in all spheres of the economy and politics. Education at secondary school level is supposed to be the bedrock and the foundation towards higher knowledge in tertiary institutions. It is an investment as well as an instrument that can be used to...
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