European Explorations

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European Explorations
European exploration was promoted by factors economic, technologic, political, and religious in different ways. The Treaty of Lodi and the invasion in Italy was a political factor. Portugal’s quest to China and the Spice Islands was an economic factor. New weaponry and sailing aide that was being created was a technological factor. A religious factor was the insistence to Christianize the people. All these factors were promoted from about 1450 to about 1525.

The Treaty of Lodi occurred from 1454-1455. It was a political alliance that maintained the second half of the fifteenth century. Charles VII of France invaded Italy. He came in to take the throne after Piero de’ Medici, allied with Naples against Milan, was exiled out of there. Charles four-year ruling was during the Joan of Arc, which made him known. Another invasion in Italy that occurred was too, a political factor was that of Louis XII (r. 1498-1515) who invaded Milan.

Economic factors were Europe’s expansion. There was a quest for material and goods profit. The people of Europe were out to seek new worlds. Portugal’s voyage to China and the Spice Islands boomed the economy in Europe. This happened because Portugal and other countries began finding their own routes to China and the Spice Islands. Also, Europeans were forced to look elsewhere for their demand in slaves. This was because of the Ottoman capture of Constantinople in 1453.

Technological factors that promoted European explorations began with new weaponry being created/used. For instance, the canon, which was made out of iron and bronze. The canon helped in the European expansion. Also, the new sailing equipment helped in the European expansion. A magnetic compass was created which aided the sailors. Another item that helped was the creation of the printing press. This helped with the Renaissance learning, but not like the Bible.

A religious factor that helped promote European exploration was the...
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