European Business and Economy

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  • Published: July 25, 2013
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Table of Contents
Free movement of people2
Monetary policy3
Impact analysis of the accession of new Member States in Central and Eastern Europe3 Global Environment/BRICS4
European / Dutch future of manufacturing4
Financial crisis5
Future of the Euro6

The aim of this paper is to present our thoughts and analysis which developed over the past two weeks after a number of lectures concerning the European Business and Economy with focus on economic, cultural and historic aspects. Our group is really diverse we come from Austria, South Korea,Taiwan & Aruba. So this is a multi cultural assessment of Caroline Samwald, Yongbum Kwon, Li-shu Liao & Leanne Geerman. Free movement of people

After the success of legislation to permit the free movement of goods, the European Community countries decided that people, capital, and services should also to cross borders without obstacles. -Before the Maastricht Treaty on 7th February 1992, only free movement of workers, the right of business establishment and the freedom to provide services were recognized. -In 1985, Germany, France, Benelux decided to create a territory without internal borders for people. And the territory had expended to 13 Member States by 1997. -Directive 2004/38 came into force in 2006, providing citizens and their families with details of their rights concerning entry and residence. Free movement rights can be divided into a right of travel and a right of residence. Directive 2004/38 had a major impact on unemployed people, who retained the status of workers. The limitation on free movement also included in Directive 2004/38, and applies both to free movement under Union citizenship and to free movement as a worker. -The EC Treaty enshrined specific rights for the free movement of workers. In particular, free movement of workers proved to be of great social and economical value to the community. -Free movement brings many advantages...
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